Leiko FELT

Leiko FELT

Felt Artist

Leiko felts sheep’s wool into wearables, homewares, objects and commission pieces. Her use of in house hand dyed wool, silk fibre and fabrics, results in her very distinctive colour palette.

Leiko studied agriculture and sheep reproduction before taking a keen interest in sheep’s wool, encouraging her to transition onto a textile design course.

Leiko is a Japanese artist living in Ireland since 2012, she has spent time working in New Zealand, France and Indonesia and has taught felt making techniques in over 15 countries worldwide.
Her experiences in different cultures with different people have made her who she is today.

Leiko says about her working method: ‘My work is all one-off unique pieces and each piece has its own story. The most important thing for me is to enjoy each process of designing and making and it makes the piece more special when it finds a new home.
I sense a growing lack of connection between an object’s maker and it’s end user.
Through my work I hope to bring a sense of seeing, feeling and knowing the real craft behind the object.
To know my work is to know me, my practice, my experiences and the connection between maker and user.’








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