Slaney Quilting Studio

Slaney Quilting Studio

Quilt Maker

I am a quilt maker of everyday use items like bed quilts and art pieces for wall hangings.
Choosing fabrics to fit in right places and how to combine them have been my first fascination with quilt making. In recent years, highly decorative quilting has become my growing love of the whole process and this gives my quilts real unique looks.

Based in rural area of Co. Carlow, I work in a dedicated studio filled with material which also used as teaching space.
My art quilts are mainly designed with geometrical beauty and in abstract style. And that’s what you can see from a far. Once you get close, you will find numerous details added with threads by quilting.

Open for the commissions of personalised or custom quilts. Anything can be made from a place mat to king size bed quilt.



(085) 7749774


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